The Winners – 2019 Goodreads Choice Awards

michael & mia

The winners have been announced! I’ll admit, I’m disappointed this year. I was pretty much able to guess who would win this year based solely on their authors or on their popularity prior to the choice awards.  I feel like a lot of good books were left in the dust. But then I have yet to read all of the books on the lists, so again this coming year I’ll be doing that. In the meantime I’ll be posting who my final choice was versus who actually won. I hope to have a follow up post of my final final decisions out sooner than I did this year, but we’ll see.


I feel like everyone knew that Atwood’s long awaited sequel would win in this category, and maybe it was a good choice. Honestly I had a hard time with the category because I usually end up disliking most of the books nominated, and I never managed to read many of them because of all the other reading I was doing. Still I liked the title and cover for Kelly Harm’s book and I’m excited to read it.

Mystery & Thriller 

Both of these books look equally good, and I’m excited to read both. I ended up voting for My Sister, The Serial Killer because who doesn’t love a good serial killer novel? I did not end up reading either of these before the winners were announced.

Historical Fiction 

I was not surprised to see the winner in this category, I heard that Reid’s book was gaining a lot of popularity and almost managed to read it but not quite. My choice was based on the name of the author and the cover of the book.


Again, no surprise here. Bardugo’s name is on the cover so I imagined a lot of people would be voting for it based solely on that fact. I did not because I have had mixed feelings about her books in the past.  And we all know about my love for Kuang’s world and series.


*Gasp* I didn’t vote for the gay book? No, no I did not because I did not like fiction about royalty in general. I will end up reading this book eventually, but it’s not first on my list.  And Ayesah At Last was just too sweet to pass up.

Science Fiction 

I was actually surprised about this winner, as neither the name nor the cover stood out to me in the voting period, I guess we’ll see how I feel about it when I read it.  The Deep however I’ve heard a lot about and damn does it sound good. Can not wait to read it.


*Sigh* Can we please start a petition to stop King’s novels from being in the Choice Awards? The man wins every time and it’s really high time that someone else got even a remote chance. I mean I don’t even know why I bother with this category. 😛


One of my few choices that did win.  Ali Wong is someone I’ve been hearing a lot about but actually haven’t seen her in anything yet.  I picked her book because I’m tired of white people dominating the Choice Awards.



I am very very skeptical of Hollis’ book, after all of the bad stuff I heard about her first book.  And on the other hand I’ve heard lots of great things about Wang’s book and follow her on instagram because I’ve enjoyed her writing in the past.

Memoir & Autobiography 

I don’t think I’m going to enjoy Van Ness’ memoir. While he’s adorable on screen I have not had good luck with reading celebrity books. Someone needs to tell them to stick to what they’re good at and stop writing. 😛

History & Biography 

I was pretty sure that Rubenhold’s book would win. I mean it’s about Jack the Ripper, but I felt like that topic is old and tired and would rather have seen someone else win the award. Still I hope I enjoy both these books.

Science & Technology 

This is the only other category that kind of pissed me off. Look I have questions about death just like everyone else, but I don’t think that this book should have won.  A book about saving the planet however, totally should have fucking won. I mean come on guys, which is really more important?

Food & Cookbooks 

Again, I was sure this book was going to win. But Antoni is not my favorite of the Queer Eye guys and I’ve heard a lot of good things about Notes From A Black Chef. I can’t wait to read it!

Graphic Novels & Comics 

My other winning choice! You’ve already heard me talk about this book a little bit, but I’ll be reviewing it soon.

40864790 (1)


I’m honestly shocked that Lovelace didn’t win in this category, her books have been increasingly more popular. Still it’s exciting to see new faces in the genre. Both of these books are on my list to read very soon.

Debut Novel 

I’ve already talked about Red White & Royal Blue, so I’ll just move on. I freaking love the cover for The Water Dancer. It’s insanely gorgeous and the story sounds fascinating as well. And no I wasn’t able to read it yet either, I was able to read a decent amount of nominees, just not enough.

Young Adult Fiction 

This was a hard category for me, because honestly none of the books sounded that great. None of them jumped out to me as MUST READS. I Wish You The Best was an okay book, but it wasn’t amazing. Still it has queer representation and I’d actually read it so thus my vote.

Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction 

Again, none of these books were jumping out to me. But I know for sure that The Wicked King would never have got my vote. I DNF the first book in the series and won’t be touching the sequel.  Wilder Girls was the only book that really caught my attention.

Middle Grade & Children’s 

I’m also starting to get tired of Riordan always winning in this category.  I loved his Percy Jackson series a lot, and have enjoyed other of his books along the way, but it’s really time that someone else got a fighting chance in this category.

Picture Books 

And last, but not least. I was pretty sure Mr. Rogers’ poetry would win, but I had really hoped that The Undefeated or one of the other books by POC would win. All of them are adding so much more to the world than some poetry by Mr. Rogers. A sentence that will surely make a lot of people angry lol.

And there you have it! My original choice versus the winners. Did any of your choices win? If you’ve written a Top Ten Tuesday post I’d love for you to leave a link so that I can check out what people are talking about this week. 🙂 


  1. You did pretty well with a couple of your picks winning! I was actually surprised by quite a few of the winners, and I don’t think *any* of the ones I chose made it. Maybe I should stop voting? I might have sabotaged them with my praise. xD I mean, my favorite characters *do* die in books and movies, so maybe my favorite books are destined to lose. I’ve cracked the code!

    Here’s my TTT post.

  2. Many of my choices did not win either. I was actually most disappointed in the Nonfiction category, because I have read many of those this year and “Say Nothing” and “Midnight in Chernobyl” were far superior to the one that was chosen (in my opinion). Alas, maybe we will all have better luck next year. 🙂

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