Weekend Cooking – Cookbooks I Want To Read In 2020

Enjoy your month, Virgo friends!

Weekend Cooking is a weekend blog meme hosted by Beth Fish Reads. Today I wanted to do a post about cookbooks I want to read next year.  Hope you enjoy!

1. Notes From A Young Black Chef by Kwame Onwuachi 

I’ve actually been meaning to read this book since I heard about it in spring but haven’t managed to get it from my library yet.


2. Sunny-Side Up by Waylynn Lucas 

This year I learned that not only do I love breakfast food, but I love making it as well.  So obviously this book is a must read.


3. Plant-Based on a Budget by Toni Okamoto 

I am slowly creating a more vegetarian/pescetarian diet for my household, so cookbooks like this are on the top of my list right now.


4. The Adventurous Eaters Club by Misha & Vicki Collins 

Someday I obviously want to have kids and I think a cookbook might come in handy, so I should read it and give it a try. 🙂


5. Indian (-ish) by Priya Krishna 

I love Indian food and I’d really like to learn how to cook it more authentically, so this book seems like the place to start!


What cookbooks are you planning on reading next year? Don’t forget to share your Weekend Cooking post with me! 

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