December Reading Wrap Up

Reading Wrap Up (17).jpg

The last wrap up post for 2019! December was honestly a hard reading month for me, although I managed to read quite a few books (29 total) that was because I ended up quitting so many books. I just couldn’t seem to find as much that I enjoyed reading. I hope that next month, and the New Year will fare better! I’ll be doing my year’s wrap up tomorrow on the first.  Anyway, as always, I hope you enjoy.


1 Star – 9 Books Total

My biggest category this month, which didn’t surprise me too much. I knew I was having a hard time, but it was sad to see all the books I didn’t like. I’ve already got some reviews up for the NetGalley reads among them. I probably won’t be doing reviews for all of these books.


2 Stars – 8 Books Total

More meh books, ones that I didn’t find quite as bad as the books before this. Maybe I read a little further than 50 pages before DNFing, but in the end they all disappointed me.


3 Stars – 6 Books Total

You’ll notice that I’ve finally finished Good Omens! My partners and I listened to the rest of it on vacation and it was quite fun.


4 Stars – 5 Books Total 

It’s good to remind myself that I did read some good books this month.  I learned a lot from The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook, as well as from Burnout. Brian Evenson’s collection was enthralling and exactly the sort of thing I want to write someday. The Proudest Blue was quite cute and I love me a good history book like Killing the SS. 


5 Stars – 1 Book Total 

I’m super happy that I finally got a chance to read this book, it’s quite beautiful. Both in it’s message and the art style. I will definitely own it someday.


What did you read this month? What book are you starting off the new year with? Don’t forget to share your wrap up post if you’ve done one!

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