2020 Reading Challenge


There are so many things I’m excited for in this new year of 2020. First I’m excited that it’s no longer 2019. Last year was a hard year for me in different ways, it was a growing year. Which is good, but I’m glad it’s over and hope that the growing I do this year will be a little more pleasant.

I’m excited for school to start back up again in just four days. This term I’m taking literature classes, no more math for me (at least for awhile)!

I’m excited for my writing, my patreon and my magazine.

I’m also excited for all of the books that I want to read this year. As you can see I’m trying for the (maybe) overly ambitious goal of 300 books.  Last year I almost made it to this number, and that was without really pushing myself. So maybe I can do it? I’m going about this goal with the idea that I shouldn’t have to push myself, and if I do then I just stop. Reading should always be fun!


So that’s my goal, I’ll be sharing a writing goal post soon. In the meantime, let me know what your reading goal for the years is. What book have you started off the year with?


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