1,000 Words A Day Keeps The Novel At Bay

This was originally posted on my Patreon last month, I post all my writing and sneak peaks on that website first. If you’d like to get access to these posts please consider supporting me, the first tier starts at just $1. Be sure to check out my most recent post about my goals for 2020. Thanks you!


It took me a couple of days to get back into Something Apocalyptic after NaNo. PMS + homework + holiday season all took their tool and I needed to rest. And as I was resting and musing I tried to come up with a manageable but challenging goal to keep the noveling going.

So yesterday I started back on the novel!  I’ve decided I’m going to write 1,000 words each day for the next 28 days, or until the end of the month.  1,000 words means I’ll actually have to sit down and work for at least an hour on the draft. But it’s also not as much as NaNoWriMo, where you have to write 1,667 words each day.   And if I add another 28,000 words to the novel I should be done or close to the end. Then I can spend all of January editing and moving the novel to the second draft.

I also think this goal will be more manageable because I only have a week and a half of school left. Which, I’ll admit, means there’s a tiny part of me hoping I can write more than a k a day.  But I don’t want to burn myself out. I want to work at a steady pace and get this story out into the world as soon as possible.

Next post I should have a snippet for you all, and in a post coming up soon will share some exciting publishing related news! Until then!  Have a great Wednesday.


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