Weekend Cooking – Poke Bowls

Enjoy your month, Virgo friends!

Weekend Cooking is a weekend blog meme hosted by Beth Fish Reads.

This week on Wednesday I decided to make Poke Bowls for the first time ever. My girlfriend and I have recently become obsessed with Poke. It’s just so fresh and has so many good flavors. So I did some research on different recipes and finally decided to combine them and just go for it.  I’m lucky to live near to a fish market that has some good quality fish. For this recipe I used tuna, as it was the cheapest of the options available. I marinated the fish in ponzu sauce a couple hours before I made the bowls and once I put the bowls together added some Furikake.


Everyone really enjoyed the flavors on the tuna. I got a pound hoping it would feed three people, it ended up feeding four with some leftover.

Putting together the bowls we had a mixture of white rice, cabbage and spring mix. On top we could add green onions, cucumber, sprouts, carrots slices and pickled jalapenos. There was also more ponzu, sriracha and soy sauce that could be added.


For a first try this dish went really well. It was super easy to make, super tasty and I’ll definitely try it again the next time I have money to buy quality fish.


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