Patreon Repost: I’m Turning 25 And Freaking Out


This was originally posted on my Patreon. I post all my writing and sneak peaks on that website first. If you’d like to get access to these posts please consider supporting me, the first tier starts at just $1. Be sure to check out my most recent post about my goals for 2020. Thanks you!

I had this post mostly written up yesterday, but then my laptop restarted and I had to rush to class so it didn’t get posted. Also I didn’t save and I lost all of what I had said. So here we are again. Feeling a little rushed, feeling a little overwhelmed but its the beginning of the month and I need to get this done. Both for my peace of mind and for you all. 🙂

As this month as started I’ve come to the realization that I’m turning 25 years old this year. Which, not gonna lie, is freaking me out just a little.  Freaking out in a good way because while it’s scaring the shit out of me, it’s also kicking my butt into gear. When I was a kid half of me never thought I would live to be twenty-five. It seemed so old. And the other half of me couldn’t wait, I had all of these dreams of what life would be like. All of the things I would have done by now.

Currently I’m fairly happy with what my life looks like. It’s got a pretty sturdy foundation. But in February I really want to focus in on long-term goals. The things I want to finish before my birthday. Which is in August.  So here we go.

1. Finish writing, editing and querying Something Apocalyptic

I’m almost at 60k on the novel, finally breaking through my writer’s block. Specifically in February I’m going finish the writing processes. I’ve got plans to start write-ins on twitter as I seem to work better with company.  I’ve also got an awesome friend who does word wars with me at least once a week, which I’m eternally grateful for.

2. Self-Publish My 4th Poetry Collection

So far the querying of my poetry collections has not gone well and I’m just going to take matters into my hands again.  This month I’m going to get my partner Grant to critique the current draft of My Womb is a Cathedral, then I’m going to edit it and send out a draft to you all by the end of the month.

Two goals like these seem a little lofty. It’s a lot of writing and work while I’m still in school, but I feel like I’ve managed to break them down for each month in a way that will work.

Before I sign off I want to check in with how the podcast is going. This month you all supported me with $12.15, which means next month I’ll be able to buy my first piece of equipment! I’ve also got three books on podcasting that I’ll be reading over this month. Thank you all so so much for walking this journey with me.


One last note before I sign off for today. So far this year I’ve had two pieces published. You can check out my poem The Mania Is Drunk by following this link. And you can find And So The Stairs Went Up by following this link.  Thank you again! 

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