Top Ten Tuesday – Best Podcasts About Non-Monogamy


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Today’s topic was about following book characters on social media, and that just did not interest me as a topic at all. So I wanted to take this post in a completely different direction.  Lately I’ve been getting into a bunch of polyam/non-monogamy podcasts and I wanted to share them with you all.  People seemed to be interested by my last blog post about polyam resources, so I figured why not!?   So these are my top five podcasts, hope you enjoy!

1. Multiamory Podcast

Of all this podcasts on this list, this is actually the one I listen to least frequently, but when I do listen to it I really enjoy it. Most recently I’ve enjoyed their episode on Codependency.

2. Probably Poly 

I think this is probably my favorite podcast on the list. I really love the ethical standpoint that the three hosts like to frame everything around. I really love how they interact and talk. And I’ve just received a lot of really great advice from listening to them. My favorite episode so far was the episode titled Professor Sex and STI’s.

3. Sex Stories 

This is not a strictly polyamory centered podcast, but rather a sex and communication centered podcast. Though the host is non-monogamous and has interviewed some polyam people. I have so many favorite episodes, I would honestly say just google the podcast and listen to the first interview that catches your eye. They’re all amazing.

4. Making Polyamory Work 

This is actually a new podcast for me. but today I listened to the episode “Couple Privilege and Power” and it was very eye-opening. I definitely would recommend it to people who are in the beginning stages of opening their relationships.

5. Talking Your Poly Off 

This is also a new to me podcast, but I listened to their episodes about polyamory and parenting and I thought that it was a good discussion to have.

Do you listen to any polyamory podcasts? If yes please let me know what they are! I want to listen to them all. 😀 


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