March Reading Wrap-Up

Reading Wrap Up (1).jpg

It took me till late yesterday evening to realize that I hadn’t done a reading wrap up post for March, so I’m gonna do it today! March was a hard reading month, I only read 13 books total and am currently 17 books behind my goal for the year. Soooo yeah. This social distancing thing has not been as helpful for my reading as I thought it would be.

1 Star: 2 books total

Colleen Hoover is a hit or miss for me, either I love her book or I absolutely hate it. Verity was a hate for me.  I was also looking forward to The Overdue Life of Amy Byler but not only was it slow and boring, it also irked the feminist in me big time.


2 Stars: 2 books total

Both disappointments. Blessed is not the critical look that I thought it would be and it’s writing style is incredibly boring. The Good Egg was much too preachy and the narrator for the audio book that I listened to was obnoxious.

3 Stars: 3 books total 

These books were all interesting, but they didn’t quite have the umph that I was hoping for. I think I was most disappointed in my reread of Wittgenstein’s Mistress. I first read it about six years ago and fell in love with it immediately, I couldn’t put it down. This read I found it a bit boring to be honest…I’m not sure what happened.

4 Stars: 6 books total

These are all books I’m very glad that I read in March. Towards the end of the month when reading was getting really hard Oathbringer was the only thing that got me out of my funk.

5 Stars: 

And sadly no books in this category. Hopefully that will change in April!

What did you read in April? 

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