April Reading Wrap Up

Reading Wrap Up (2).jpg

Wow, this is the second time that I’ve forgotten to write up a reading wrap up post! And usually I look forward to writing these all month.  I guess it’s not that much of a surprise though, this blog has been sadly neglected recently. Needless to say reading has still be a bit of a struggle for me right now, I’m currently 31 books behind my reading goal. And I only read 11 books last month. School this term is a pain in the ass.

1 Star: Five books total

I mentioned these books in my last post, so they shouldn’t come as a surprise for y’all. 😀

2 Stars: 1 book total

Note to self, don’t listen to kid’s lit audiobooks unless your in the mood to listen to an adult talk like an idiot. 😀


3 Stars: ???? Nothing?? 

What even happened last month?

4 Stars: Four books total

Reading these books were the highlight of my month. I forgot how much I enjoy the story of Emma and Sanderson’s series is just so enthralling.

5 Stars: 1 book total

And of course, last but not least I read this book. I’m really glad that I was introduced to Brown’s work through this story of queer love and queer women.


What did you read last month? 


  1. I am so devastated that you didn’t like Normal People! Is it just the writing style that you didn’t gel with? I’m also curious about the new Stephen King book, but it has been getting mixed reviews.

  2. maybe it is a good thing to observe that reading at the present time is difficult or it pulls us out of ourselves? When this happens to me I try to reflect on it. I write about my own experience giving it the attention that it needs.

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