Weekend Cooking – Sushi!

Enjoy your month, Virgo friends!

Weekend Cooking is a weekend blog meme created by Beth Fish Reads. And now hosted by The Intrepid Reader. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts, even though I have been trying out all sorts of new recipes. It’s just really hard for me to blog these days. But yesterday my girlfriend and I attempted sushi (my first time, she’s done it before though) and I actually remembered to take pictures. So here we are! Hope you enjoy. 🙂

We had a lot of fun gathering together a whole host of ingredients to make our sushi rolls. I’m not even sure I can remember what all we had! But this was definitely an easier undertaking than I thought it would be.

We made rolls with salmon in them, as well as vegetarian rolls with cucumber, avocado and cream cheese. It took me a couple tries to decide I liked the cream cheese with the veggies. We also got some wasabi that was super tasty and just the right kind of spicy.

Has anyone else ever attempted to make sushi at home? Let me know what kinds of rolls you like to make! I’d really like to try this again. 


  1. They look delicious! I made some sushi a long time ago as well, but it was just way too much effort and in the end we finished them all so quickly! It is definitely a fun cooking activity, though 😀

  2. They turned out really well, especially seeing as it is your first time. I am not sure I would be brave enough to try making them myself!

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