Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Wanted To Read But Forgot Why


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Today’s topic  is about books that you’ve added to your TBR but can’t quite remember why. I thought this topic sounded like a lot of fun because I have a huuuuggggeeee TBR and I know there are quite a few books on there that I’ve forgotten about.  Honestly I should probably go through the list and take off books, but that’s a project for another day.  Hope you all enjoy!

1. Girls Don’t Fly by Kristen Chandler

Some of these books were added to my TBR way back in 2011-2012, so I’ve definitely forgotten why I’ve added them. Looking at this book now it still looks like it could be a cute and fun read.



2. Every You, Every Me by David Levithan 

Looking at this book now I’m sure that I added it because of the author, at the time I don’t think I had read anything by him.  At this point I’ve read one book by Levithan that I liked and another that I really didn’t like.  So who knows, still I’ll keep this on my TBR for a bit longer.



3. Ghost Flower by Michele Jaffe

This book was really a mystery to me. Back when I added I wasn’t really into thrillers, though I was into some YA. I assume the plot was just interesting enough that I added it. I’d still give it a try if I could get my hands on a copy.



4. American Phsycho by Bret Easton 

I added this book before I knew there was a movie. Now I’ve seen the movie and I’m not sure if I still want to read this book…The movie was a lot to think about and just… a lot in general.



5. Brain On Fire by Susannah Cahalan 

I’ve heard good things about this book so I assume that’s why I added this book originally.


6. Dragon Lady by Sterling Seagrave 

Of all the books on this list this is one that I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t read, I would have to do research on the author first as I assume he’s a white man. While I would like to read more about Chinese history I would prefer to read books written by Chinese authors.



7. Reform or Revolution by Rosa Luxemburg

Seeing this book on my TBR amused me quite a lot, especially now that things feel so chaotic. Seems like a good time to find more of these books that I wanted to read.



8. The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher 

I’ve always been a fan of dystopian novels and I’d totally forgotten this book was on my TBR, but I’m excited to try and get it from my library once it opens up again.



9. Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan 

This book sounds like it would be a little dramatic, but so were a lot of YA back in the day (and who am I kidding some today too) soooo I’m not sure why I added it. Still could be fun to give it a try.


10. Hero of Lesser Causes by Julie Johnston 

I do, and always have loved historical fiction so why this book was added is not too much of a mystery. 😀


How often do you go back and look at books you’ve added to your TBR? What makes you decide to keep books or take them off? Don’t forget to share you Top Ten Tuesday post with me! 



  1. All your answers were so fun to read. I quite enjoyed Girls Don’t Fly, not as much as her first book, but it was a solid 4 stars from me. And Hero of Lesser Causes is a real high-quality children’s book. I pulled it randomly out of the juvenile section of my college library one weekend, and I’ve always been glad of that.

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