May Reading Wrap Up

Reading Wrap Up (3)

Hopefully forgetting about this blog post isn’t going to become a habit, but I’ve been late the past few months so who knows! Life is crazy right now.  Hopefully now that I’m done with school for the term I have more time to focus on school and this blog.  Anyway. Here’s my reading wrap-up for May. I’m still super behind on my reading for the year, 50 books behind in fact.  And I only read 8 books last month. I honestly don’t care about that now though, I’m just focusing on trying to read books that I enjoy.

1 Star: 3 books total 

These are all books that I ended up quitting. For Solitary Witch it could have just been the audibook format that I didn’t like, I would consider looking at a physical copy in my library to see if it would be good to read.


2 Stars: Zero

It’s some comfort to know that most of the books I read last month were great reads.

3 Stars: 2 books total 

I’m not usually a fan of modern mysteries, as they seem to all follow similar plot tropes but I actually ended up liking The Lost Man, I think in part because I enjoyed reading about the outback of Australia.  The flash nonfiction book was for school, there were a few good essays in it and a lot of really mediocre ones, so honestly it was a meh read for me.

4 Stars: 2 books total 

These two were definitely big highlights of my May reading.  I can’t wait to be get (and own!) more books by Warner and Camus.

5 Stars: Fun Home by Alison Bechdel 

Yes, yes I did read this book twice (so far) this year.


How has your reading been lately? 

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