Mid Year Freak Out Tag – Books of 2020 (So Far)


If I thought I was freaking out last year around this time… BOOYYYY I had no idea how far behind I would be right now and how hard it is to sit down and read. Ooof. The good news is that I recently acquired a new lovely bookshelf that was super fun to put together and rearranging my books has made me excited to sit down and try to actually finish more.  The good news is I’m officially at 90 books for the year! So let’s hope I get down to business and read a little more on summer break. *Crosses fingers*

1. Best Book I’ve Read So Far 

I doubt anyone is surprised by this choice. Although now that I’ve put one of her books on the list I feel like I’ll have to restrain myself and add different ones in other categories. This blog post will not become an ode to Bechdel. 😀


2. Best Sequel I’ve Read So Far 

This was a series that I didn’t really expect to enjoy as much as I have, but here I am. Sucked into another fantasy series that’s currently being written. *sigh*  It was interesting to note though that I’ve mostly been reading standalones. I think this is the only sequel that I’ve read this year.


3. A New Release I Haven’t Read Yet But Want To

I think this book came out in like May??? Don’t quote me on that. The point is, it was recently and I should have found a way to read this already if the world hadn’t gone to shit. Still, I WILL find a way to read this book eventually. I need more cute romance books in my life.


4. Most Anticipated Release For Second Half of Year 

Funny that I just did a post on this topic this week. So which of those books is the one I’m most looking forward to? Come on, that’s easy. The Burning God is a MUST HAVE ASAP.


5. Biggest Disappointment 

Wowza. This one really hits hard. I’ve been waiting so long for Erin Morgenstern to come out with another book. I adore The Night Circus but this book was just…ugh it was so boring. It makes me so sad.

43575115._SY475_ (1)

6. Biggest Surprise 

It was surprising for me to like this book, I generally like older ”classic” literature. I guess what surprised me was just the fact that reading this book spun me into a Camus obsession.

397770 (1)

7. Favorite New Author 

Well I’ve already talked about Bechdel and Camus so I can’t put them here. So I’ll introduce you to a very newly published poet that I just recently read. This poetry book was exactly what I needed to read in June.


8. Newest Fictional Crush 

I’m not sure if this counts? Since this book is technically about a real life person. Buuuuttt that said I have been crushing hardcore on soft butches, and I don’t know if Lorde identifies as a butch or soft butch,  but I have a crush on her for sure. I need more strong lesbians in my life.

395220 (1)

9. Newest Favorite Character 

Again does this count? I’m not sure how much this is based on Bechdel’s life at the moment.  The point is, the character based off of Bechdel is definitly my favorite. Flaws and all.

10. A Book That Made Me Cry 

This book is really beautiful and powerful and honestly who didn’t cry while reading it?

42201962 (1)

11. A Book That Made Me Happy 

This book explores all things about polyamory, which of course is gonna make me really happy. And also want to move to Canada so that my partners and I can get married.


12. Favorite Book to Movie Adaption 

No one said it had to be a current book to movie adaption, but I did actually rewatch this series recently so I think it counts. 😉 Best adaption ever. Period. I will fight you on this. 😀

13. Favorite Post I’ve Done This Year 

Not a book post, but hands down my favorite blog post of the year is my post celebrating six years since I escaped missionary life.

14. Most Beautiful Book I’ve Bought This Year 

I don’t buy a lot of books, but I do borrow plenty! This has got to be the most beautiful book I’ve read this year. It’s a collection of essays about various artists and creators. It’s full of beautiful art work and beautiful words.

38495936 (2)

15.What Book I Need To Read By End of Year 

And last but not least, though it may seem a little boring to some. This is one book that I definitely want to read before the end of the year. I’ll make it happen somehow.

25073946 (1).jpg

Anyone else write a mid year freak out post? Who else is still having a hard time reading?

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