Top Ten Tuesday – Kid’s Books I Need To Own

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is about picture books that younger you would have liked. I thought this was a great topic but I wanted to tweak it just a bit to talk about picture books I want to buy for my future children. You all know that I have big hopes and plans for my library and recently I’ve added a bunch of books to my TBR. So without further ado, here are some books I want. Be aware not all of them are picture books

1: Mind Body Baby Series

I learned about this series from a youtuber that I recently started following and I knew that I would have to get the series. They cover everything from meditation to chakras to astrology

2. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle by Betty MacDonald

I remember loving these odd funny books as a kid and I can’t wait to read them to my kids.

3. Just Pretend: A freethought Book for Children by Dan Barker

I really liked Barker’s book about how to raise kids without religion so I was super excited to learn that he had a book for kids.

4. The Shortest Day by Wendy Pfeffer

I recently found out about this book as well as a second by Pfeffer about the summer solstice and thought they would be fun books to have around.

5. Bee Still by Frank J. Sileo

Mediation has been something that’s super helpful for me and I think it’s really cool that I can find picture books about the topic.

6. Rainbow: A First Book of Pride by Micheal Genhart

I’m sure this will be just one of many books we have on being from a queer family, consider that my kids will have at least one other mom and two dads. Which makes me wonder if I can find picture books on being in a polyamorous family??? (The answer is yes actually, I did a google search later and found some cool books!)

7. C Is For Consent by Eleanor Morrison

This was another book I heard of via a youtuber and knew I needed.

8. Woodstock Baby: A Far Out Counting Book

I feel like I’ve mentioned this book before, it’s just so cute that I want to own asap.

9. Hildafolk by Luke Pearson

I just watched this show with my partners and we all loved it and now I really want to read and own the book.

10. Little Naturalists: Henry David Thoreau In The Woods

This is also a book that I thought just looked so cute that I had to have it in my collection.

I know it’s not Tuesday anymore, forgive me but currently Oregon is on fire and I was a little bit distracted yesterday. Anywho, hope you all enjoyed this! Don’t forget to share you Top Ten Tuesday post with me. πŸ™‚


  1. this is such a lovely list! I am getting at least a couple of these for my nephews. Thanks so much for sharing πŸ™‚

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