Top Ten Tuesday – Fall TBR 2020

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. And today’s topic is about our fall tbrs!!! Who else is flippin’ excited that it’s finally fall!! I certainly am. I swear I felt the world shift yesterday from summer to autumn. Also I think that TBR posts are my favorite to write, so here to hoping I take this motivation and excitement into the rest of the week. Hope you enjoy!

1. The Last Romantics – by Tara Conklin

I technically started this book today! We’ll see how it goes. 😀 Someday I’ll finish reading the Goodreads Choice Award books, but today is not that day.

2. The Plague – by Albert Camus

Yay! More by Camus. I really need to just own all of his books at this point.

3. Delta of Venus – by Anaïs Nin

I’m excited to read some published erotica, I don’t think I ever have and I’ve heard lots about Nin.

4. Girl, Woman, Other – by Bernardine Evaristo

I know, I know. I’ve been meaning to read this for ages now. I swear this is the season that I actually do it!

5. The Lost Father – by Marina Warner

Most recently I’ve got a ton of books by Warner, I can’t actually remember how many but I’m thrilled to read more by her.

6. The Most Fun We Ever Had – by Claire Lombardo

Hopefully reading this book will be the most fun I’ve ever had. 😀

7. Atlas Shrugged – by Ayn Rand

I’ve heard so much about this obscenely long story and I’m honestly not sure if I will make it all the way through, but I am curious to give it a try just to say that I have.

8. The Leto Bundle – by Marina Warner

I love fairy tale-esque stories and this book seems like it’s just the thing for me! Even if it wasn’t written by Warner.

9. The First Man – by Albert Camus

I’m really not sure what else there is to say about Camus. I’m obsessed.

10. Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions – by Edwin A. Abbott

Back in my comic book class I heard about this book as well as the black and white movie and I’m thrilled that my library had it.

What are you reading this season? Don’t forget to share your Top Ten Tuesday!


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