poems for pandemic – By a. a. swan

Synopsis: the world in the age of coronavirus is exceptional and unexpected. this poetry collection documents the best and worst parts of life as a formerly depressed twenty-something during a time of global pandemic.

from mental health recovery to surviving trauma and heartbreak and falling back in love, poems for pandemic is a vulnerable book that frankly exhibits the reality of a young, bisexual millennial in pacific northwest america.

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Unlike myself, a.a.swan found herself inspired and able to write during the lockdown earlier this year, and out of this inspiration came her first collection of poetry, poems from pandemic.

“I feel like your quarantine queen.”

For me reading this collection was like stepping outside and taking a breath of crisp clean air. It was new and fresh and exciting. Reading poems from pandemic took me to so many places, quiet ones of rest, places of triumph and growth. I loved the delicate every day details that swan focused on. I could mention so many of my favorite poems from this collection, but I shall do my best to only talk about a few.

Perhaps my very favorite poem in the collection would be “thirteen” which is near the end. The poem speaks of accepting oneself despite or perhaps because of imperfections. I loved the attention given to body parts like the belly and freckles. I too need to give more acceptance to my tummy.

i am worthy of love/ with hair on my legs in a/ tangled mess on my head

i tell the girl child inside me/ that she deserves the whole world

Another poem that I enjoyed is from earlier in the collection titled “eleven”, this poem speaks of lovers together in darkness, which is always one of my favorite things to read about. I love being able to see into the special moments between souls in love, it feels akin to watching a miracle. It is delightful to read swan’s gentle take on this beautiful moment.

I highly recommend swan’s poetry to you all, and I’m greatly anticipating the release of more of her writing in the future. In the meantime please check out her work instagram. I gave this collection five stars on Goodreads.


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