Weekend Cooking – Five Best Dinner Date Spots In Eugene

Enjoy your month, Virgo friends!

Weekend Cooking is a weekend blog meme hosted by The Intrepid Reader and Baker. Today I’m not going to be talking about food that I’m personally making, as this week has been hectic with finals and general life and I just forgot to take detailed food pics.  So instead I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite restaurants around Eugene.  When I go out on a dinner date I look for a place that has good cocktails and unique food. If I’m going to pay for someone else to cook me dinner I want it to be interesting, something I haven’t had in awhile or maybe combinations I would never have thought of.  So if you’re ever in Eugene Oregon, I suggest checking one of the places on my list! 🙂

1. Party Bar or Party Downtown 

Especially this time of year I love Party Downtown. Why you ask? Well because they have the best Brussel sprouts dish ever. The vegetable is served with fried Halloumi cheese, a spicy herb vinaigrette and pomegranate arils.  Besides the brussels they also have fantastic deals on some really good oysters.   Between the two of these dishes and the cocktails this place has been my favorite since I first tried it.

2. The Vintage 

The Vintage is probably the opposite of Party Downtown, this is the place to go to get your desserts. While they do have good cocktails as well (my personal favorite is the Lava Rock which has a rim of pop rocks) and good sandwiches, the best thing they have is fondue and crepes. This place is perfect for a date night.

3. Uki Uki Sushi and Tiki Bar

While Uki Uiki isn’t currently open, I’m hopeful they will open again sometime soon. And when they do definitly go here if you’re a sushi fan!  With fantastic cocktails (we all know now what I look for in a good restaurant lol) and the best sushi on the face of the planet.

4. Ambrosia Restuarant & Bar 

Ambrosia is one of a couple Italian spots around town, and I really should try some of the others but every time I’m in the mood for pasta I just go here. Of all the places on my list this is probably the fanciest and most expensive, so it makes for a good anniversary spot. I really enjoy the crème brûlée and the calamari.

5. Pandita

And of all the places on my list Pandita is probably my favorite. A fusion taco restaurant with some of the most unique tastes.  On normal weekdays you can get three of the best tacos for $10, on special occasions they have tasting menus and seasonal coursed dinners. They have everything! Yes, including fantastic cocktails and margaritas. 😉


  1. I got my master’s degree in Eugene (back in the dark ages). I always thought the food was good there. I don’t remember any of these restaurants — probably because they didn’t exist back then.

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