untitled – going into 2021

this untitled post has been sitting in my drafts for weeks now, waiting to become a review, or bookish thoughts, or a general update on my life. but the longer it sits the harder it becomes to write.

i’ve been blogging at Rambling Writer for some six or seven years now, possibly longer but i can’t honestly remember anymore. i’ve gone from a catholic homeschooled daughter of missionaries to a queer identifying book blogger and writer. i’ve seen growth in my writing over the years that’s made me very proud. blogging has always been one of the ways that i share my interest and process certain events that have happened in my life.

2020 was a difficult year for my blog, i found it hard to read and therefore also more difficult to write reviews, or to really put any energy into posting at all. on top of that at the end of the year two out of three of my romantic relationships ended quite suddenly, leaving me with a need to reevaluate my life, my relationship desires, my writing and well really everything. the past few months have been a deep dive for me.

of course i’ve also been reevaluating this blog. over the last few years i think the content on my blog has become a little more cohesive. most posts are reviews, with some cooking posts on the weekends, and some polyamory, queer life and general interests of mine thrown in the mix.

going forward i want to stick to this basic format, but my hope for the next year is to regain my ability to blog consistently. i’d like to try and stick to a schedule of specific posts on specific days, monday-wednesday-friday will be my days for blog reviews and book posts. sundays-saturdays will be for cooking posts, i won’t be posting both days but one or the other. and tuesdays of course will usually be reserved for the top ten tuesday book posts. and lastly thursdays will be set aside for thoughts on polyamory or other life related topics. my hope is that this will help me to post more, and for readers to understand better the content that i will be writing consistently. i want to get back into the blogging world and enjoy it more.

thank you all for continuing to read my posts. i hope 2021 is a better year for us all!

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