Weekend Cooking – Bahn Mi Sandwiches

Weekend Cooking is a weekend blog meme hosted by The Intrepid Reader and Baker. This meal is from last Saturday when I attempted to make some Bahn Mi sandwiches for the family. The sandwiches actually turned out really good, but I didn’t make quite enough meat as I should have.

The day before we made the meal I pickled carrots and daikon radish in rice vinegar, white vinegar, some sugar and some salt. I think they turned out pretty good. And I’ve realized at this point rice vinegar is my favorite vinegar to pickle in.

The day of the meal I decided to cook the meat an easy way of just putting it all in the crockpot with Maggi sauce, some lemongrass, ginger and garlic. Once the meat was done and just before we ate I broiled it for a few minutes to get some crispy bits. I did not make the bread for this meal, but maybe next time I’ll try that. When I’m not pregnant. 😀

Alas I don’t have any more pictures because I was tired and forgot. But the other ingredients were: a siracha mayo, fresh cucumber, fresh cilantro, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers and all the pickled goodies. The sandwiches were a hit with everyone, even the 11 year old boy. Probably because he just made a meat sandwich with HP sauce. 😀

What are your favorite sandwiches to make for the family?

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    • You could try this with tofu. I can imagine it would be really tasty marinated in the same seasonings I cooked the meat in. But also spring rolls sound super yummy, I’ll have to try it!

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