Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Books On My Wish List

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Today the theme is a little different. Jana is celebrating her birthday today by encouraging everyone to share wishlists and gift people a book. But she explains it better than I can.

Today is my birthday, and since I love to spread joy around the book community. People will tweet out a call for wishlists, people will link theirs, and then everyone starts granting wishes. It’s so much fun to surprise someone with a little something. Today we’re doing the same thing, but we’ll be blog hopping! List the top 10 books you’d love to own and include a link to your wishlist so that people can grant your wish. Make sure you link your wishlist to your mailing address [here’s how to do it on Amazon] or include the email address associated with your ereader in the list description so people know how to get the book to you. After you post, jump around the Linky and grant a wish or two if you’d like. Please don’t feel obligated to send anything to anyone!

I love when the book community comes together like this to do something positive. I hope you all are gifted a book today, and are able to give something to another reader. ❤ Here’s my list

1, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Despite having read this book probably three or four times now, and loving all of Rowell’s books, I have yet to own a single one! It’s definitly something I need to rectify next time I buy myself some books.

2.The Redwall Cookbook

You all know me, besides reading, cooking is one of my biggest loves. And I love that The Redwall Cookbook combines these two!

3. Pat of Silver Bush by L. M. Montgomery

I have a fond spot in my heart for Montgomery’s books, but one of my favorites is actually the duology about Pat of Silver Bush. It’s far less known than her other books, in fact I haven’t been able to find copies of the books since I first read them years ago!

4. The Hunger Games Series

This is a series I’ve been meaning to re-read for awhile now, because it’s been awhile and I honestly really loved it when I did read it.

5. Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann

This book is so adorable, and I know you all have heard me rave about it before so I won’t go on about it. Needless to say, someday I’m going to own this book.

6. The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

This is one of the few fantasy series that I would really love to own and someday reread, I can’t wait for the rest of the books to come out!

7. John Ronald’s Dragons: The Story of J. R. R. Tolkien by Caroline McAlister

The rest of the books on my list are going to be kid’s lit because I’m currently working on updating my baby’s library. I want him to have all the books. 😀

8. Julián Is a Mermaid by Jessica Love

9. Miss Maple’s Seeds by Eliza Wheeler

10. The Seedling That Didn’t Want to Grow by Britta Teckentrup

There you have it! Some of the books on my wish list. What’s on your wish list? Be sure to leave a link to your post, and do let me know some of your favorite kid’s books.

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  1. I thought I had read all of L. M. Montgomery’s books! I have no idea how I have never heard of “Pat of Silver Bush.” I am intrigued and will be looking it up. Some of my favorite kid’s books were the Anne of Green Gables series and Beverly Cleary’s books. My post is here:
    I also have a giveaway going on, be sure and stick around and check it out 🙂 Happy reading!

  2. There are some great books on this list!! Thank you so much for the bookish wish you granted me! A little something should be arriving to you soon!

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