30+ Weeks And Counting Down

Friday marks 30 weeks and five days for Baby and me. 30 weeks has a lot easier for me than last week, I think because we’re now only 10 weeks away from our due date. Also I created a 7 week to do list for myself and started creating a birth plan binder for my partner so that was all very exciting. These days I wear a maternity belt everywhere, I go pee all the time, it’s starting to be hard to breathe and wow does Bean move a lot!

I’m starting to feel more and more excited for Bean to arrive. Last week my mom-in-law sent out baby announcements and we officially settled on Baby’s full name. We’ve also started to receive some baby gifts which I’m collecting underneath the crib. I was definitly excited before now, but pregnancy has also been incredibly uncomfortable and the birth has felt so far away. But now I can lay and watch him move around in my belly, which is just the funniest and the weirdest thing to do. He feels more real every day.

That said my anxiety has been going up. I think it’s the waiting that’s starting to get to me, because I’m not anxious about the birth. It’s just having 40+ weeks of being responsible to for someone that I can’t see and feel like I can’t take care of very well yet. Once he’s here and I can see him I think I’ll feel so much better. Until then it’s just a daily matter of doing some meditation and just really being on top of my brain about my anxiety. If anyone has any tips I’d love them!

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