August Reading Wrap Up

As my birthday month comes to a close and my due date gets closer I can’t help but wonder how much reading I’m going to get done in the last few months of the year. Hopefully I’ll still be able to get a little in here and there, but we’ll see! At the very least I’m super happy that I have been able to find so many amazing books. Currently I’m sitting at a total of 96 books for the year. I realized my count was off last month because of a Goodreads glitch (which was infuriating) but still I’m on track and even ahead of my overall goal for the year. Maybe that will give me enough cushion to finish strong despite the new baby. Anyway, this month I read a total of 22 books!

1 Star: Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi

It had been awhile since I had read the first book in this series, but I’d remembered enjoying it. So you can imagine my disappointment when this book fell real hard into sequel syndrome.

2 Stars: 5 books total

Couple of big disappointments in this category as well. I was really bummed with how much the rest of Vandermeer’s Southern Reach trilogy flopped. The first book is amazing and the other two are super boring. The other bigger disappointment was Cinderella is Dead, I haven’t read a book that cliché in a long time.

3 Stars: 5 books total

I ended up having some surprising books in this category. Sanderson’s Skyward was interesting, although it took me a little bit to get into the story and I’m honestly not sure if I’ll read anymore of the series. Geek Love was…wow I honestly gave it 3 stars because I really didn’t know how to feel at the end of it, I still don’t know how I feel! And Fanny Hill was a really funny read, if you need a laugh definitly recommend reading some 18th century erotica.

4 Stars: 7 books total

Some really great reads in this category. Highly recommend Cemetery Boys and Dawn of the Deed. Something To Talk About and Arsenic and Adobe turned out better than I expected them to, so again recommending them. And the other three books were just great inspirational reads.

5 Stars: 4 books total

I decided earlier in the month of August that I wanted to re-read the Anne of Green Gables series, and I’m really glad I made that decision, it was lovely to revisit the book after so long. The Montessori Toddler book is a book I’m hoping to buy later and reread once my kiddo is around the toddler age. And Polysecure had a lot of really great things to say about attachment styles which is something that I’ve been meaning to do more research about.

This was a really great month for reading! What did you read in August? If you enjoyed my post please consider checking out some others! I review books, film, as well as have some cooking posts under the tag “weekend cooking”. I write about queerness, polyamory, pregnancy and my normal life as well. You could also consider tipping me through Ko-Fi, which is basically the same as buying me a coffee!  Also, because I’m not able to have a baby shower I’m sharing my registry with amazon. There are still a few things I need before baby arrives! I have a patreon where I share exclusive poetic and writing content. Thank you for reading.

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