Changes Coming In 2022

The past few days I’ve been listening to some podcasts and interviews and watching videos on various topics I have all culminated into this whirlpool of ideas that I don’t know what to do or where to go with. Even shows as comedic and trivial as The Great has given me things to think about. And I know that I’m onto something that will help me grow and mature as a person, something that’ll be important for my writing; and something that I want to talk to other people about. I think because I have been away from friends and had to make new friends and rebuild my life currently it’s become more important to me to have a conversation. I want to write all the more.

I have so many thoughts on motherhood and parenthood, so many thoughts on relationship and intentional relationships, I have so many thoughts on writing in history and what is important to me but I don’t yet know where those thoughts are going. But I want to be open to change into evolution.

The past year of my life has been one of massive changes and growth and there has been a lot of things that I’ve been thinking about, and a lot of things that I’ve wanted to think about, and write about. I still have more deconstructing to do. In the back of my head, I already knew this. I felt stagnant, but I wasn’t sure where to go next.

I watched an interview with Amanda Palmer this week and it got me thinking about how we heal through conversation with others and open dialogue, and I think that going forward talking more about my life will bring so much healing to me. And hopefully, also bring a sense of community that I feel like I’m lacking currently.

I’ve always tried my best to be honest with the writings that I share on the internet. When I first started this blog I was a Christian specifically a Catholic missionary, and over time I left the Church and came out as clear specifically bisexual and polyamorous. Since then I have continued to change, currently wrestling with gender identity and what it means to be a parent. There are still so many ways that I can change and I feel like talking about them will help me along the way.

So where do I go from here? I want to focus on writing that inspires me. I’m going to write a few more reviews and finish up the requests I have from Netgalley, but other than that I’m going to be cutting back on book reviews. Instead, I want to do weekly posts about what’s been inspiring me, from interviews to podcasts, to maybe sometimes books. I’m also going to be closing down my Patreon. I will keep it up so people can still read the unlocked posts, but it’s just been too stressful to keep up with, plus since the pandemic started I lost all my patrons save one (which was my parents, love you!).

I don’t want to stress to put out ”content”, I just want to focus on what makes me happy and interests me, and share it with the hopes of having a conversation with others.


  1. I’m bisexual, polyamorous, and left my old church, too. (It was Protestant instead of Catholic, though).

    Good for you for making these changes. They sound like they’ll be good ones for you.

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