The End

After much thinking I have decided to move my focus from this blog to my patreon. I’ve been trying to do too many things and because of this have been in a state of burnout for far too long. I love blogging but it’s just not something I can keep up while trying to run a Patreon and trying to write, at least not currently as a sleep deprived parent. I want to focus more on things that I can keep interested in.

As far as Patreon goes, I have decided not to have tiers or put any of my writing behind a paywall. The option for support will still be there but no longer be the focus. I just like the formatting of Patreon and found that it’s more accessible to people. I want to write reviews on Queer fiction and non-fiction, and to share essays that I will write about Queer history and about my own identity. There might also occasionally be updates on my fiction writing but honestly I haven’t been able to write much since having my son and I don’t need to pressure myself anymore than I already do.

Thank you all for supporting and reading my blog. I will also be keeping this blog up but no longer update.  It honestly makes me a little sad to think of not posting on here anymore, I’ve been doing it for so long and I thoroughly enjoyed the years I dedicated to it.


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