i’m a wanderer, you’d be more likely to find me dancing under the rainy sky than at a party. i hate being still, or living in one place for too long. i’m a dreamer, because of this i write. i don’t write to be famous, though i think that would be fun. i write because i get bottled up, because i feel like fine china about to shatter. my poetry comes from stillness, when i feel a need to scream. my words come from my soul.

i could tell you trivial things like: i’m 24 years old, i’m queer and have two wonderful partners, i have two cats, i live in an apartment in the middle of a city. i am also the co-founder of Cauldron anthology, am editing for Umbel & Panicle which is a botanical lover’s magazine, and am trying to start work as a freelance editor.

this blog is where i hope to let you enter into my space and where i hope you have fun, i would love to inspire, but most of all i wish that when you leave, you find you’re day is just a little bit better than when you came.

You can follow me on: Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram or if you like what I’m writing and creating you could support me on Patreon. 


  1. Hi, Abi 🙂 Just wanted to quickly let you know that I finally got round to reading your poetry collection and loved it! (I’ve left a brief review on Amazon UK and Goodreads). I’m excited to see what else you have for us in the future 🙂

  2. Hey, I just fell in your blog through an award nomination for the phoenix award. Your about page is beautiful, I’m glad I discovered you 🤗

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