I am a 25 year old writer, mom, student and wife. I identify as genderqueer and pansexual. I’m studying History and Queer studies and hope to get my Master’s in the next few years. Other notable things about is that I founded and run a literary magazine, Cauldron anthology, and that I’m in an open non-monogamous relationship. I write poetry, short stories and absurdist fiction.

Right now I’m working towards my goal of becoming a college teacher of queer studies, becoming the best mom that I can be, publishing my poetry and other writing and generally becoming a better person each day. Here on my blog I write book and film reviews, essays about my life, queer identity and other topics important to me.

You can follow me on: Goodreads, Twitter, InstagramΒ or if you like what I’m writing and creating you could support me on Patreon or on Ko-Fi.


  1. Hi, Abi πŸ™‚ Just wanted to quickly let you know that I finally got round to reading your poetry collection and loved it! (I’ve left a brief review on Amazon UK and Goodreads). I’m excited to see what else you have for us in the future πŸ™‚

  2. Hey, I just fell in your blog through an award nomination for the phoenix award. Your about page is beautiful, I’m glad I discovered you πŸ€—

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