Camp Nano Day 18


Yesterday I hit 20k!  It was a relief to finally get there. As you can probably see from the picture, there were quite a few days this week where I got nothing done. *sigh*

My next goal is to get A Siren’s Tale to 30k, with the added hope to move it to 50k before the end of the month.  Although I did just realize, after doing some math today, that I would need to write 2,500 each day to reach my final goal. Which is a significant amount for someone whose having to work hard to get past some depression and some writer’s block that seems to be always leering in the background.  So we’ll see!

How are your writing goals coming along? 

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 1

I admit, I was very hesitant for this next season. Steven Moffaft is after all, still in control of Doctor Who till the end of Season 10.   After the never ending catastrophe of Clara’s character, and the overall terrible writing in Season 9, I was apprehensive about Season 10. To say the least.


Then I saw trailers for the season and began to see bits of the new companion, Bill, and things looked like they were getting better.  Bill looked to be the polar opposite of Clara, and that was good in my books.

Finally, today,  I was able to see the first episode of Season 10.


This first episode, titled The Pilot, is a great start for the season.  Combining the best of Doctor Who.  A relatable companion, an interesting/slightly creepy alien and of course the Doctor being badass and saving the day.

I’ve always enjoyed Capaldi as the Doctor. I think he’s added a new side to the character that needed to explored, especially after Smith’s Doctor.   So I really enjoyed seeing Capaldi with Bill, who compliments his character, instead of fighting him like Clara’s always did.    I don’t foresee as much drama between the two of them, instead I see a wonderful friendship.  Which is honestly what Capaldi’s Doctor needs at this point.


I mean look at Bill, isn’t she the most adorable girl ever? Yes, I do have just a little crush on her. 😉  I love how sweet she is, and her simple out-look on life. She seems like she’s going to be a lot of fun to get to know. Also she’s a lesbian so that’s a major plus.

So here’s to a fantastic season, maybe Moffat will go out on a good note! 🙂

Lord Hornblower By C. S. Forester


Goodreads Synopsis: Weary of the war that he has waged nearly his entire life, Hornblower finds himself assigned an especially dangerous and dubious new task: to rescue a man he knows to be a tyrant from the mutiny of his crew in the Bay of the Seine. This risky adventure, coinciding with reports that the tide of war may be turning-as Wellington has swept over the Pyrenees and the Russians have reached the Rhine-propels Hornblower toward the heart of the French Empire, toward a fateful reunion with old friends, and toward the harrowing but glorious conclusion of his own battle with Napoleon.

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I’m actually currently reading the last book in the series, so I find it funny that I’m writing the review for the second to last at the same time.  This was a fun book, Hornblower goes to stop a mutiny and of course other adventures happen along the way. Lord Hornblower is again at sea, being brilliant, on land trying to spend time with his wife and son. Oh! And in this book he actually has time to be with his friends, which was adorable. Poor Hornblower can be such a loner sometimes.

One of the reasons I like this series is because, unlike other navel stories, the Hornblower series doesn’t tend to get bogged down by technical navel lingo.  The stories are easy to read and Hornblower an easy character to like.

It does get a little repetitive, and I’ll be the last person to deny that.  This book was merely a three star read. But if you’ve seen the TV show as well as read the books, it’s hard not to read to see how the story ends. 🙂

Promoting Poetry Writers

My friend Sarah had an idea the other day, and I was really excited to be on board.  Our idea is, since it’s National Poetry Month, it would be a fun idea to do some promotion for fellow poets.

The idea is pretty simple, if you have a chapbook you would like promote simply get in touch with me.  The easiest way to reach me would probably be through twitter. This is  basically a quid pro quo.  Let us promote your poetry, and in return you can promote ours and other people’s as well!

I love sharing and promoting fellow writers, so I really hope that this works out. 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon!

Camp NaNo Day 12

As of right now my wordcount stands at 16822. So you can tell that the past few days of writing haven’t gone very well. To be honest I’ve been a little depressed and anxious this week, but I haven’t stopped writing completely, and for that I’m proud of myself.
Still as far as updates go I don’t have much to say, so I’ll just leave this small snippet and get back to writing. 🙂

We head to the market and I am able to wash my arms and hands off in the cool fountain. I sigh happily then pull out our lunch. There’s a hubbub of noise behind us, more so than usual apparently because Leela stands up on tiptoes to get a look at what’s going on.
“What is it?” I ask.
“I don’t know. Let’s get closer.”
I look at the crowd that’s starting to gather with suspicion, this is why I like things on our island better. Less people, no strangers.
“Come on Mara.” She says, grabbing ahold of my arm and dragging me into the middle of the crowd.
When we finally realize what’s going on I feel a sickening dread wash over me. It’s a public execution. And not just any execution. They’re burning a siren.
The woman is tied to a large stake and surrounded by driftwood and brambles. Even in her dirty and disheveled state she’s beautiful. Her hair is a copper color, and her face is pale, her cheekbones flushed. She’s crying. They say sirens cry like alligators do, the tears are never real, just a show to make you feel sorry for them. Still I can’t help but feel sorry for her.
“I wonder what she did.” Leela says in a tone that means she’d like to be sitting, talking gossip with the women of the island.
I shake my head but say nothing.
A priest in a long black robe steps up, holding a torch aloft, “We are here to execute right and fair justice upon this demon temptress. Many men has she caught in her spells, some of them even now wait on their deathbeds to be released from her. May the gods forgive her!” And with that he lights the fire at her feet.
The fire burns quickly, the wood snapping and a part of her dress has now caught on. Smoke billows up into her face and she coughs and struggles against her bonds. Then the screaming starts. I feel sick and push my way back out of the crowd. Leaning against the side of a house I empty the contents of my stomach and find that I’m crying softly.

How is your writing going? How’s your cabin this year? 

Pharos: A Ghost Story by Alice Thompson


Goodreads Synopsis: Set in the early nineteenth century, Pharos is a dazzling ghost story from an award-winning author.
A young woman is washed up on the shores of Jacob’s Rock, a remote lighthouse island off the coast of Scotland. She does not know who she is or how she got there. She has no memory. The keeper of the lighthouse and his assistant take her in and feed and clothe her. But this mysterious woman is not all that she seems, and neither is the remote and wind-swept island.
Eerily reminiscent of Turn of the Screw and The Others, Pharos is a breathless tale of the supernatural.

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“Melancholy is a dangerous friend. She will make you her slave.”

I’m not one for ghost stories, but Alice Thompson is a great writer so I decided to dive in.

Pharos is an absolutely stunning story.  From the prose to the characters, it was all so beautiful and haunting.   Pharos pulled together all of my favorite qualities for creepy books, otherworldly settings, unreliable narrators, and a little bit of history thrown in.   I devoured this book.

The story is a good mixture of the weird and creepy. And by this I mean it was just enough creepiness to put me on the edge of my seat and to make my hair stand up straight.  But not enough to make it hard for me to sleep at night.   I also want to mention the fact that it’s somewhat of an allegorical story, though I hesitate to use that exact word it gets the job done.  The main character, the woman, the mystery around her is wonderfully written. You wonder if she’s really there, or if she’s just a ghost.  And the twist at the end surprised even me.

I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads.