April Goals

Reading:聽I desperately need to catch up with reading goal. I'm 7 books behind. 7! Ugh it's crazy and I'm a bit anxious. 聽I have 6 books that I'm currently reading but I just need find the time to sit down and finish them. 聽Here's to hoping this month isn't super stressful. 馃槢 Writing:聽At the beginning… Continue reading April Goals


March Wrap-Up

What a month it's been. Long and short at the same time. Up and down. It's been a month that's for sure. 馃檪 It's been interesting. At the beginning I wrote a post about being goal-less for a month, and it seemed to go okay. Reading:聽I read 14 books this month! Hooray I feel very… Continue reading March Wrap-Up

February Wrap Up

Ugh I'm late on all my posts these days. 馃槮 Well better late then never right? Here's what I did last month. Reading Goals: 聽Reading this month was a constant game of catch up. What ever was I thinking at the beginning of the year? 200 books is a crazy huge amount. And even though… Continue reading February Wrap Up

February Goals

Tomorrow starts the new month! I'm looking forward to doing new things, and these are my goals. Writing:聽I set myself an easy goal for this month. I simply want to write a 100 words each day. I have some flash fiction ideas that I'll jot down and probably share with you. 聽I'll be continuing to… Continue reading February Goals

End of the Month Wrap Up

Is it already the end of the month? Wow...part of me is so ready for January to be over with, but the rest of me is stunned at how fast it's gone. Writing:聽Welp...goals for this month went like this. Me: "Let's do all the things" Brain: "Nope." Me: "Buuuttt..." Brain: "Nope." Yes it happened exactly… Continue reading End of the Month Wrap Up

January Goals

I've been trying to figure out how to keep short and not ridiculously long, but in the end I realized that I was just putting off doing a post and so today I've finally sat down and decided to write it! 馃檪 Reading: Yes. I know. I'm insane. 馃檪 But I made it to 200… Continue reading January Goals