sylvia plath, submissions & camp updates

Note: This is an update from my Patreon, it's a few days old but I liked it so I thought I'd republish it here.  Last night I finished reading the Journals of Sylvia Plath. It was a long read and at times hard, but it was also very interesting because I found myself relating to… Continue reading sylvia plath, submissions & camp updates


Mini Camp Update: Day 3

  Today was my first good writing day.  Day 1 & 2 of Camp I wrote very little new words on my stories, mostly I was just reading them and adding words here and there. Today though I sat down and forced myself to write continually. I worked on A Siren's Tale today.  I hit 8,490 words… Continue reading Mini Camp Update: Day 3

Anyone Doing Camp Nano?

I realized just the other day that Camp NanoWrimo is happening next month! Is anyone else doing this? I'm hoping to be in cabin with lots of active people, so if anyone knows of a cabin or is putting one together, you should let me know! Cabin assignments happen in 6 days! Tentatively my plan… Continue reading Anyone Doing Camp Nano?

July Wrap-Up

I wrote this post and decided it was a bit boring so I spiced things up with gifs. You can all applaud me on how amazingly techy I am. 😉 Just kidding. July kind of ran away from me. Now its August 2nd and I'm realizing I need to write a wrap-up for last month.… Continue reading July Wrap-Up