Not Your Masterpiece – By Sarah Little

Goodreads Synopsis: Not Your Masterpiece is a short collection of poems which explores the world through a woman's perspective, as she rebels against the idea that she has to fit into a gallery built by others. Join her as she masters the craft of self-expression and sketches a portrait that reflects who she truly is. This… Continue reading Not Your Masterpiece – By Sarah Little


Update On Mourning

I've been avoiding this post for awhile, but when I sat down to journal about it today I realized I shouldn't be. The reason I've been avoiding this is because I thought I was going to be able to publish Morning soon.   I'd already finished it, edited and was waiting to put the final… Continue reading Update On Mourning

Heaven Or This – By Topaz Winters

Goodreads Synopsis: Heaven or This: a collection of love letters in poem form. A story of a girl who loves girls, and the beauty in that, the terror, the yearning and the warning, the endless confusion and innate peace, at once shatteringly delicate and softly visceral. Heaven or This: a fearless, electric manifesto. A pastel incarnation… Continue reading Heaven Or This – By Topaz Winters

Second Chapbook Release!

I am super excited to announce the release of my second chapbook! Like last time I'm using the website Payhip, which is really cool. It's super easy to maneuver around and good to work with.   My second chapbook is titled XII and features 12 poems on love and life. Synopsis:  my favorite part/is to… Continue reading Second Chapbook Release!