September 20th – Updates

This post was originally written for my Patreon supporters, if you would like to receive first looks at posts, stories and poetry please consider joining my supporters.  Ah yes, another writing update.  I promise I'll have a music update soon, just as soon as I can actually play a song without needing to look at the chords.… Continue reading September 20th – Updates


Patreon Post – September 17 – Progress

This post was originally written for my Patreon supporters. If you would like to get first looks at posts, upcoming stories, and first links to my work, please consider supporting me. Thanks!   Today I reached 4000 words in Maybe Not Her! The draft is now at 62 pages and I'm very pleased with how it's… Continue reading Patreon Post – September 17 – Progress

September 13 – How Goes The Writing

This was originally posted on my Patreon page. For first looks into what I'm doing, and all sorts of extra goodies, please consider becoming a patron!  It's hard to believe that today is already the 13th of September. The month seems to be flying by, completely without permission from me. 🙂 So far September has found… Continue reading September 13 – How Goes The Writing

The End Of August – Looking Forward

As we come to the end of August I'm looking back at all that I've done and not done. In many ways it's been a very productive month.  I've worked hard on my poetry and went beyond my goal of adding 1,000 words to the draft.  I was also very busy editing, which paid off… Continue reading The End Of August – Looking Forward

Currently I’m….

I've seen a few posts like this before, so instead of a book review I thought I'd just do a mini update. Reading: I only just started this book, but I'm really excited to read more. The first chapter has been very well written, I love how vivid it is. Plus a story about a woman… Continue reading Currently I’m….