Turn To Dust and Ashes – Cover Reveal


By Amy McNulty 

Publisher: Patchwork Press

Publication Date: 09/05/2017

Synopsis: Impassive. Devious. Besieged. Naive. In the ashes of their parents’ cruel sovereignty, four teenagers are left holding the reins with no idea how to lead their peoples to peace and prosperity.

Rohesia, told she is the true heir to Hanaobi, must choose between ruling the duchy in her father’s place and returning with her cousin to seek the throne that is more rightfully hers. Without her father figure, she has little interest in either, but there is no escape from the infamous legacy of her parents on both sides of the sea.

Fastello, left to lead both his father’s people and to seek the rule of the entire duchy, has never had so much responsibility in his life. Grappling with heartbreak the likes of which he’s never experienced, he doesn’t know if he has it in him to try to fill the hole so many people so desperately want him to fill.

Kojiro, adrift in a strange land and emboldened by the actions of the people he met there, is determined to find his courage and free his people from the tyranny of his mother’s reign. However, with her number one foe defeated, the empress of Hanaobi is more unstoppable than ever. 

Tomiko, the perfect daughter to the strict and controlling empress, is sheltered from the reality of the world but eager to discover the truth. Before the war is over, she must decide between fealty to her mother and loyalty to her brother, knowing full well that either way, her family will never be whole again. 

The goals of each of these four young adults are bound to clash—but there’s no escaping their destinies, no matter the destruction left in their paths.

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A Mad Woman’s Voice Cover Reveal


Today I’m showing off my cover for my poetry book A Mad Woman’s Voice. Isn’t it beautiful!? This is probably my best cover ever. I mean I’m not the best in this area so I’m super proud of how this one turned out.

Synopsis: A Mad Woman’s Voice is just over 40 pages, and filled with the work of over 2 years of writing.  This volume explores the act of finding one’s voice and realizing the ability to speak one’s truth. From coming out to exploring the death of loved ones, A Mad Woman’s Voice is a tiny peek into my life. 

Anyway just a reminder the publishing date for this is August 10th!  The collection will first be available to my patrons, and then later for everyone else. Check out my Patreon here.  Also be on the lookout for details of my blog tour that will be coming out soon.

Patchwork Press Cover Reveal – Savages

Savages Synopsis: 

Ten years before Queen Kadia decimated the six kingdoms of Warshard, her interest lay in the unborn child of a Seaburn savage.

Daughter of Chief Ruin, Breen is one of the most fearsome warriors in the Southern Delica Tribe, but nothing can stop the Emperor from reaping the Savage Lands for soldiers. When her village is attacked, Breen is taken from her home and her family to the Seaburn Academy, where southern savages are broken and chained into a life of service to the Empire. Through the beatings and torture, Drakkone, one of the few Seaburn-born soldiers, brings solace to her days and gives her hope for the future. Once freed of the Academy dungeons, Breen is sentenced to daily training between her plots for escape. But one night of unexpected passion turns into a problem bigger than either of them could have imagined. Breen and Drakkone must risk capture and flee the city or death might be a blessing compared to eternal imprisonment.

Savages, the long awaited sequel to Haven, will be released April 4th, and is now available for pre-order at any of these websites: Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble


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Four of a Kind Cover Reveal

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Hope you all enjoy!


The odds of giving birth to identical quadruplets: 1 in 13 million. The population of Fairview, a town where all anyone talks about is the Fairview Four’s return after fourteen years: 47,327. The chance of Reagan meeting a guy who sees her as one of a kind: better than she thinks.

Following in her sisters’ footsteps—and, all too often, their shadows—is nothing new to Reagan. But a disastrous first day at Fairview High forces her down a new path, one that could lead to seeing herself as more than just someone else’s sister. Things aren’t going as smoothly for Reilly, Reece, and Rhiannon though. How can Reagan let herself be happy—or dare to fall in love—when she may be the only one who can bring her family back together?

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants meets Gilmore Girls in the first novel of a heartwarming new series about first loves, family, and finding your way.

Pre-Order Link – https://www.amazon.com/Four-Kind-Kellie-Sheridan-ebook/dp/B01MTV2NW8

The Fairview Four have big plans for 2017 and we want you to be a part of it! Read the books, and get to know the girls by following them on Tumblr and Instagram! You can also follow each of the Donovan sisters on their personal Twitter accounts—Reagan, Reece, Reilly & Rhiannon. The fun starts January 1st, 2017! And don’t forget to read the first book, currently available to pre-order for only $0.99!

Giveaway – For a limited time, download the free ebook prequel of Four of a Kind, Where We Were
Our entire lives have been shaped around our identity as identical quadruplets. Four sisters, all with the same face, but totally different personalities. We are four of a kind, and there has never been a time when we didn’t have each other to lean on. But, when our parents announce that we’ll been moving away from the city and back to the town where we were born, we can no longer be certain of anything but change.

This is where we were.

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unnamed (4).jpg

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What It All Means: Cover Reveal

Hey guys! Another short post today. Anyone want to see the cover Grant and I have made for our collection of short stories?  Please say yes, because I’m proud of it and I’d love to show you. 😀

What It All Means_CoverImage2

What It All Means Synopsis: Living and dying, love and hate, guilt, regret, honor, and destiny. In a collection of eight stories, Grant and Abigail Pearson have written characters in historical fiction and modern day settings to explore “What It All Means”. What makes life worth living? What makes life worth dying for? What does life mean? What are the extremes that balance and guide our lives? Grant and Abigail deal with these questions in their stories and with their characters, pushing the boundaries of storytelling time and again to discover what makes a human tick, what makes a human break, and how does one understand the grays that run this world. Few things are black and white in these stories. Some of them are darker than others, and some of them are more fantastical. But all of them — Grant and Abi hope — provoke consideration and reflection. And in the end, you have to decide ‘what does it all mean?’

Cover Reveal – Yorien’s Hand by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

I have the great pleasure today to be apart of a cover reveal! Last year I won a giveaway and was able to read the first two books in this series. So when I saw that a cover reveal for the third book was happening I just had to be apart of it.

Yorien’s Hand is the third book Jenelle’s series title The Minstrel’s Song. If you love Fantasy stories with knights and kings and dragons, or books like The Lord of the Rings, then you’ll probably love this book.  Psstt you can add Yorien’s Hand on Goodreads by following this link here.

But enough babble, here’s the synopsis for the story.

The years of Oraeyn’s short rule have been peaceful, but now ominous nightmares plague his sleep and cling to him during his waking hours. When two of his most trusted advisors disappear without a trace and not even the power of dragons can locate them, the fell promise of the king’s nightmares becomes reality.

From the furthest reaches of the world, an ancient enemy stirs. Stretching beyond his crumbling prison walls, this foe seeks to bring life to the darkest of shadows. His army marches towards Aom-igh with deadly intent, threatening all Oraeyn holds dear.

Aided by dragons, and with the warrior Brant and Princess Kamarie at his side, Oraeyn must journey into the wilds of a forgotten realm. Trusting in the wisdom and skill of the enigmatic minstrel, Kiernan Kane, the companions race against time in search of Yorien’s Hand, a relic that may hold the power to save them all.

And here is the cover!

unnamed (1)

I mean it has a dragon on the cover, how cool is that? And here is a snippet to tantalize you and make you want more.

 Justan straightened. “This battle is ours to be fought and won. If standing together with Llycaelon was indeed the wiser course of action, it is not a course available to us. Our men must be made aware that this is our stand, our challenge to win or lose. Arnaud, will you come with me to speak to the knights? The knights will be heartened to see their former king in the absence of their current one. Your added presence may well give them the courage to purchase the time King Oraeyn needs to succeed in his quest.”

Arnaud nodded. “I will be proud to walk and fight at your side, Sir Justan. Our only hope for victory lies with Oraeyn’s quest. Our part is to defend Aom-igh. We must hold this line until he succeeds.”

“And if he doesn’t?” Justan did not want to ask the question, but it sprang unbidden to his lips.

“Then weep for the world we knew,” Arnaud said. “For this will be its final chapter.”

Well I don’t know about you, but I’m going to read this book.   Yorien’s Hand will be out mid-November, if all goes well. So stay tuned!

Author Bio: Jenelle Schmidt grew up in the northern-midwest. She now resides with her husband and their three adorable children in North Carolina where the summers are too hot and there is never enough snow. Jenelle fell in love with reading at a young age during family storytimes. To this day she enjoys creating exciting adventure tales filled with poignant themes and compelling characters in the fantasy and sci-fi genres.  Check out her website here.