Ariel and Other Poems – By Sylvia Plath


Goodreads Synopsis: Upon the publication of her posthumous volume of poetry, Ariel, in the mid-1960s, Sylvia Plath became a household name. Readers may be surprised to learn that the draft of Ariel left behind by Sylvia Plath when she died in 1963 is different from the volume of poetry eventually published to worldwide acclaim.

This facsimile edition restores, for the first time, the selection and arrangement of the poems as Sylvia Plath left them at the point of her death. In addition to the facsimile pages of Sylvia Plath’s manuscript, this edition also includes in facsimile the complete working drafts of the title poem, “Ariel,” in order to offer a sense of Plath’s creative process, as well as notes the author made for the BBC about some of the manuscript’s poems.

In her insightful foreword to this volume, Frieda Hughes, Sylvia Plath’s daughter, explains the reasons for the differences between the previously published edition of Ariel as edited by her father, Ted Hughes, and her mother’s original version published here. With this publication, Sylvia Plath’s legacy and vision will be re-evaluated in the light of her original working draft.

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“Out of ash/I rise with my red hair/And I eat men like air.”

I loved this collection of poems from Plath.  This is one of those books I read, put down and then longed to have a copy for my library.  I get most of my books from the local library, which is fantastic, but sometimes you just have to own a book!

Ariel is the sort of collection that I wish I could put together someday. Magical, lyrical, speaking truth into my life and hopefully into others as well.  Ariel is everything you could ever want from a poetry book. Plath’s writing will never not be relevant.

I also loved the forward to the book, which was written by Plath’s daughter, Frieda Hughes.  It’s very insightful into the life of Sylvia Plath, her husband Ted and the children she left behind.

Ariel was an instant five star read for me and I highly recommend it.


More Comic Books Reads in 2017

Sex Criminals 2-3: 

Synopsis: Collecting 6-15 these two comics continue the story about two humans who can freeze time when they orgasm. 

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I was able to get these for a really great price at my local used bookstore, but I found that I was sort of disappointed in the continuation of the story.  The first volume was hilarious, it didn’t take itself seriously and it was just a really great read overall. I felt like these next two books didn’t have the same hilarity. Instead they took a more “realistic” turn. The second volume was a lot about depression and thus I found it very depressing. Which was not what I wanted to read about.  The third volume was very meta and I honestly found it more annoying that entertaining. Overall both volumes were a 2.5 read.



Goodreads Synopsis: Nimona is an impulsive young shapeshifter with a knack for villainy. Lord Ballister Blackheart is a villain with a vendetta. As sidekick and supervillain, Nimona and Lord Blackheart are about to wreak some serious havoc. Their mission: prove to the kingdom that Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin and his buddies at the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics aren’t the heroes everyone thinks they are.

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My brother-in-law had a copy of this fantastic novel and lent it to me. I admit I read this in just a couple hours because it was so good. Nimona is everything you want in a fantasy adventure story for young adults. It’s fun, it’s magical and the art style is simply stunning.  I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say that this was a five star read for me and I highly highly recommend it.

Low Vol 2:


Goodreads Synopsis: Will Stel Caine rise from the depths to become first human in millennia to set foot on the surface of the Earth? Who is the relentless Minister of Thought on a quest to put an end to Stel’s attempt to restore the light to a dying world?

Collecting: Low 7-10

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This collection was three stars compared to the first one’s four star rating by me. Though the artwork is still lovely, and the characters are pretty great as well, I felt like the plot was a little slow.  It dragged in a few places, and thus the reason for the lower rating. I still think this series is still interesting though, and I plan on reading the third volume.