Song For A Funeral – By Abigail Pearson

Song For A Funeral   I know the song that I’ll play at your funeral I heard it on my walk home today It had the sounds of a simple guitar The sort of thing I could play if I tried But the words summed up everything I felt about you The humdrum, the everyday,… Continue reading Song For A Funeral – By Abigail Pearson


Howling At The Moon – A Poetry Chapbook

Goodreads Synopsis: Tell me, Atlas. What is heavier: the world or its people’s hearts? In her debut poetry collection, Darshana Suresh explores what it means to be alive, and how hurting and healing can often be overwhelmingly intertwined. She does not write about recovery. Instead, she writes about carrying on until you are ready to recover.… Continue reading Howling At The Moon – A Poetry Chapbook

Second Chapbook Release!

I am super excited to announce the release of my second chapbook! Like last time I'm using the website Payhip, which is really cool. It's super easy to maneuver around and good to work with.   My second chapbook is titled XII and features 12 poems on love and life. Synopsis:  my favorite part/is to… Continue reading Second Chapbook Release!

March Wrap-Up

What a month it's been. Long and short at the same time. Up and down. It's been a month that's for sure. 🙂 It's been interesting. At the beginning I wrote a post about being goal-less for a month, and it seemed to go okay. Reading: I read 14 books this month! Hooray I feel very… Continue reading March Wrap-Up

I am Angry (A Manifesto) – Free Verse Poem

Today I watched a video on youtube that really put into words what I've been thinking and dealing with lately.  So I thought I would talk about it a little bit before I threw this poem out into the world.  I've mentioned before on here that my Myers Brigg personality type is INFP. This means… Continue reading I am Angry (A Manifesto) – Free Verse Poem