Used Book Giveaway

Hey Everyone!  I hope your weekend is awesome, relaxing and full of writely things. Today I thought I'd do something fun. Instead of reading a post of rambles from me I thought I'd do a giveaway. Bare with me as for the life of me I can't get the rafflecopter to embed right, so what… Continue reading Used Book Giveaway


What Would You Like To Read?

Today I'm writing a post in between submitting tons of poetry to magazines. So I'm just going to be a little lazy and make this post short. I've been re-reading some of my blog posts, looking at old comments and generally just musing about my blog.  Usually I have a list of posts that I… Continue reading What Would You Like To Read?

Freedom of April Book Giveaway

Yay!! *Rounds of applause* *confetti* The publication of my poetry book is almost here. The first week of June, hopefully June first if all goes well, is the date! In honor of this very momentous day in my writing life I am hosting a giveaway for three free copies of my book. That's right, I… Continue reading Freedom of April Book Giveaway