Alternative Thoughts – Updates on My Mental Health

"Don't worry Abi, don't worry."  These are words that inevitably I tell myself a hundred or more times a day when I'm feeling anxious.  Of course it's more than just worrying.  It's a constant stomach ache, it's not being able to relax, it's a tiny voice in the back of my head always telling me something… Continue reading Alternative Thoughts – Updates on My Mental Health


Dear Homeschool Kids

Dear Homeschool Kids, So I've seen these videos/blog posts/ comments floating around everywhere and I just felt the need to say something. You've probably seen it too, a homeschooled alumni or currently homeschooled kids giving answers to questions that seem silly.  "Did you actually do school?"  "Where you super sheltered?" "Did you have any friends… Continue reading Dear Homeschool Kids

21 Before 21

I've been writing poetry the last few days and thinking about my life, because that's what normal people do. 😉 Anyway, I've been thinking about goals and how to accomplish them. Sharing goals on my blog has seemed to work in the past so I thought I'd do it again. Get a tattoo: Because I've always… Continue reading 21 Before 21