May Goals

Goals for this month are pretty straightforward. Last month I got everything done so I'm going to try and do a bit more in May. Reading:聽Read 20 books this month. This will keep me just a bit ahead of my total goal for the year. Writing:聽Edit Alice in Wonderland Retelling. 聽Query Morning. Edit play. Send… Continue reading May Goals


March Wrap-Up

What a month it's been. Long and short at the same time. Up and down. It's been a month that's for sure. 馃檪 It's been interesting. At the beginning I wrote a post about being goal-less for a month, and it seemed to go okay. Reading:聽I read 14 books this month! Hooray I feel very… Continue reading March Wrap-Up

Week 2 of February – Finishing Mourning

I've finally finished my second poetry! This morning I was awakened early by the cats and decided to try and do some writing. 聽It worked better than I thought it would and I was able to write the last few poems for my book. I'm going to let the book sit for a few weeks… Continue reading Week 2 of February – Finishing Mourning

My Dear – Mourning Snippets

come with me my dear step out of that sleepless place and play with me in wonderland   come sing with me my dear i鈥檒l take your hand and never fear for the road is made of softest sand   come and dance with me my dear feel the meadow grass beneath your feet smell… Continue reading My Dear – Mourning Snippets

Murder the Bird of Anxiety- Mourning Snippets

Murder the Bird of Anxiety i pinched the pink skin above my heart i wanted to feel nothing, rather than something stomach tightening anxiety soaring please bring down that bird of mine, i need to not feel anything for a bit just one moment to breath, please i need more than just this feeling of… Continue reading Murder the Bird of Anxiety- Mourning Snippets

Mourning Snippets

Slowly Goes the Week it鈥檚 been a week of outcomes and truffles of sore legs, and good movies and small blog posts it鈥檚 been my desire to finish something and yet here i am covered in red satin nursing my sad ability to waste my time i鈥檝e been angry today but now it is tomorrow… Continue reading Mourning Snippets