Out Now – A Mad Woman’s Voice & Issue 2

I am so excited to share with you some of the work I’ve done this year! Today both my poetry collection, and the second issue of my magazine come out.


A Mad Woman’s Voice is just over 40 pages, and filled with the work of over 2 years of writing. This volume explores the act of finding one’s voice and realizing the ability to speak one’s truth. From coming out to exploring the death of loved ones, A Mad Woman’s Voice is a tiny peek into my life.

You can find my book on a couple of platforms.  Find on Goodreads, Payhip, Createspace, Amazon.

Also you can find Cauldron Anthology Issue 2: Sphinx on the website. 



Cauldron Anthology – Submission Date Moved

We, at Cauldron Anthology, are extending the deadline for submissions. This gives us, and our readership more opportunity to receive a larger variety of work.  The editors would love to see more art submissions, and some essays as well.
This month we have some short stories that we can’t wait to share. We love our poetry, but we also love seeing the different directions you have taken the topic of Sphinx.

As the Editor-in-Chief, I am very excited with this theme.  I have been inspired by the research I’ve done.  I like the idea of Sphinxes being watchers and guardians and how that correlates with women in familial households. Whether you are actually a mother who protects her young, or you are the person in your friend group who looks out for everyone, I’m hoping you are inspired by this topic as well.

We look forward to receiving more submissions! The deadline is now July 16th. 

Cauldron Anthology

I’d been throwing around ideas for starting a literary magazine for awhile now. But it wasn’t until I had the help of my friend Sara, that I was finally able to kick my but into gear.

Cauldron Anthology is now officially my magazine! Please go check out the website and share it around.  The first issue theme is Sirens and I just did a blog post about it. We are currently accepting submissions as well as applications for editor positions.