Read, Write, Review, Repeat – October Wrap-Up

I can hardly believe that it's almost the end of October! Why is it that when we're kids the months drag along? Remember waiting for Christmas? Or your birthday? It was torture!  Now that I'm an adult it's strange...Each day seems like a normal length and I fill it and keep busy, but then when… Continue reading Read, Write, Review, Repeat – October Wrap-Up


Introducing My NaNoWriMo Story

Gah NaNo is almost here! I'm a tiny bit nervous, because I really want to win this year. But life...and writing...and NaNo. Things happen. But I shall do my best!  I found this linkup on Sky's blog Further up and Further In.  Before I start this I do want to place a couple disclaimers. First… Continue reading Introducing My NaNoWriMo Story