November Wrap Up

Wow, December 1st already. How crazy is that? November has come and gone.  My goals were posted here. Nanowrimo was really weird this year. I won really early into the month and then tried to write a second novel, which did not happen. I was honestly torn. I was really happy to win NaNo, but… Continue reading November Wrap Up


Beautiful Books Linkup

Today I'm going to do Beautiful Books, a linkup created by Cait and Sky. This post is all about nanowrimo projects and writing. Hope you guys enjoy.  🙂 Is the book turning out how you thought it would be, or is it defying your expectations? I've just started my second NaNo novel, and so far… Continue reading Beautiful Books Linkup

Nanowrimo Forum Wipe

Welcome to the madness folks! From here till the end of November you're going to be hearing a lot about Nanowrimo, or National Novel Writing Month.  Nanowrimo, some call it Nano for short, start November 1st and goes till November 30th. Writers from all over the world spend this month writing  50,000 words of a… Continue reading Nanowrimo Forum Wipe

21 Before 21

I've been writing poetry the last few days and thinking about my life, because that's what normal people do. 😉 Anyway, I've been thinking about goals and how to accomplish them. Sharing goals on my blog has seemed to work in the past so I thought I'd do it again. Get a tattoo: Because I've always… Continue reading 21 Before 21

Thoughts I’ve Been Having And An Update

February's writing goal has been going really well! So far I've managed to make every day save four, which I think is pretty good.    I've been dividing up the 750 words between my poetry doc titled "The Only Time We Forgot" which is at 3,226 words and my flash fiction doc simply titled "750"… Continue reading Thoughts I’ve Been Having And An Update