October Reading Wrap-Up

This has been a really great month for my reading. Not only did I read 19-20 (hopefully I'll finish the book I'm on today) books, but I also had a lot of 4 star reads.  And I'm now almost done with my book goal for the year. By the time I finish today's read I… Continue reading October Reading Wrap-Up


October Wrap-Up

This post is late, but I'm finally doing it! Writing: This month I was able to publish my short story. Which was really great. If you missed the link here it is.   I ended up sending in two poems to online magazines, which is less than my goal of five. But I'm still happy I put… Continue reading October Wrap-Up

My #NightHarvest Story

The Night Harvest was a horror showcase for writers and illustrators done by Pen and Muse. All through the month of October they will be posting stories and works of art around the theme of a Night Harvest. Check out the blog to see what's been going on so far! And there's also a giveaway.… Continue reading My #NightHarvest Story

October Goals

I have so many goals for this next month...it's honestly kinda scary but also really exciting.  Where do I even start? 😀 Writing Goals: My original goal that I set back in January was "Write a short story. " Preferably in a horror or creepy genre. And guess what I've already done that! I was… Continue reading October Goals

My October is Getting Busy

I'm sitting here writing this blog post because I'm procrastinating. I should be writing a short story right now, because it's due Oct 1st.  I keep telling myself it's fine because I've already wrote the first draft, I just need to go back and make it perfect. Honestly I think I'm nervous...This short story isn't… Continue reading My October is Getting Busy