A Mad Woman’s Voice – Blog Tour Update #3

Two more blog posts have gone up! These are actually the last two for the tour.

My fellow editor at Cauldron Anthology did a review of A Mad Woman’s Voice on her blog. Sarah writes a lot of poetry and puts it on her blog, it’s definitely worth checking out.  Her review for my collection can be found here.

And then last but not least, my partner Grant wrote up a spotlight post for my collection, over on our website. By the way, the website he designed a lot by himself so that’s really cool.

Thank you to all for reading the posts. Thank you to my friends for reviewing my collection. It’s so very kind of you all! 🙂


Out Now – A Mad Woman’s Voice & Issue 2

I am so excited to share with you some of the work I’ve done this year! Today both my poetry collection, and the second issue of my magazine come out.


A Mad Woman’s Voice is just over 40 pages, and filled with the work of over 2 years of writing. This volume explores the act of finding one’s voice and realizing the ability to speak one’s truth. From coming out to exploring the death of loved ones, A Mad Woman’s Voice is a tiny peek into my life.

You can find my book on a couple of platforms.  Find on Goodreads, Payhip, Createspace, Amazon.

Also you can find Cauldron Anthology Issue 2: Sphinx on the website. 


The King, The Advisor & The Peasant – Published!

As of June 24th I officially published The King, The Advisor & The Peasant.  You can now find it on Payhip.  The link can be found here:  https://payhip.com/b/pcYs

The King, The Advisor & The Peasant is a satirical short story, following a peasant through an audience with a King who may or may not be a donkey.  The story goes downhill very quickly, The King is insane, the Advisor greedy, and the Peasant dead. Long live the King. 

Thanks to all my patrons this story is completely free!  To receive first access to all that I publish, check out my Patreon. 


Ink Stained Lungs Zine


summary: ink stained lungs is a zine collective filled with poetry, photography and lettering and inspiration, all created in the name of celebrating the beauty of visual and written art forms. this is for the poets, the artists, with ink stained lungs and paper hearts. our gift to you.  

Take a look!
A couple months ago I was able to send in a piece of prose to this zine, and I’m so excited to announce that it’s now out! I’d love for you all to check it out. The link goes to payhip and the zine is completely free!  It’s a beautiful work of art and I’m so proud to be included.
ink stained lungs is the brainchild of S. Ahmed. Her blog post about the zine can be found here.  Also her whole blog is just a thing of beauty and you all should follow her. 🙂

Busy Week

This week has been pretty busy for me, writing wise. Besides my short story goals, and random poetry writing that I can’t seem to hold back, I’ve also decided to submit poetry to online magazines and journals.



As of today I’ve submitted to 10 different places online. It’s been quite the adventure. 🙂 9 poems and one flash fiction story.
It’s been a learning experience, writing cover letters, deciding what each place might want.
I’ve loved seeing the differences, the cool ideas people come up with. One magazine I’ve found only publishes found or blackout poetry. How cool is that? Another publishes poems and experimental/modern art.
It’s made me want to form my own online journal of experimental writing. But we’ll see if that ever happens. 🙂 If anyone else is interested in this idea drop a comment and I’ll be in touch.

How was your week?