The King, The Advisor & The Peasant – Published!

As of June 24th I officially published The King, The Advisor & The Peasant.  You can now find it on Payhip.  The link can be found here: The King, The Advisor & The Peasant is a satirical short story, following a peasant through an audience with a King who may or may not be… Continue reading The King, The Advisor & The Peasant – Published!


Check Back Next Week!

I've been busy editing this week, because the 24th is only 8 days away! If you don't remember, I announced last month that I would be putting out a short story on the 24th of June.  That story is titled The King, The Advisor & The Peasant.  This short story is 6 pages long, and… Continue reading Check Back Next Week!

Winesburg, Ohio – By Sherwood Anderson

Goodreads Synopsis: Before Raymond Carver, John Cheever, and Richard Ford, there was Sherwood Anderson, who, with Winesburg, Ohio, charted a new direction in American fiction--evoking with lyrical simplicity quiet moments of epiphany in the lives of ordinary men and women. In a bed, elevated so that he can peer out the window, an old writer… Continue reading Winesburg, Ohio – By Sherwood Anderson

Anyone Doing Camp Nano?

I realized just the other day that Camp NanoWrimo is happening next month! Is anyone else doing this? I'm hoping to be in cabin with lots of active people, so if anyone knows of a cabin or is putting one together, you should let me know! Cabin assignments happen in 6 days! Tentatively my plan… Continue reading Anyone Doing Camp Nano?

General Writing Update (March wk 2)

A Mad Woman's Voice: My poetry collection that I've been working on for about a year. This week I've been rearranging poems. The collection stands at 37 pages, but I've been thinking about adding more to round the number to an even 40. Which means I've been spending a lot of time going through old… Continue reading General Writing Update (March wk 2)