Edits Galore – A Mad Woman’s Voice

Mother of Bread my mother is baking bread and the baby is crying in the other room my mother is baking bread for us tonight her red hands are covered in flour and dough sit across from me child read to me from your catechism come let us keep busy for mother is in the… Continue reading Edits Galore – A Mad Woman’s Voice


Mourning – Snippets

Today was a funky day, and I apologize for not posting sooner. Here's some poetry to hold you over till tomorrow. 31. (Don’t) Let Them Fade i lay in bed naked 4:30 am and though it’s cold outside the covers i’m sweating in my mind’s ear i hear an infant’s cries quiet and sad i… Continue reading Mourning – Snippets

February Writing Challenge

I've been very proud of myself, the past two days I've been back on track writing 750 words each day.  I've completed two unrelated stories, each exactly getting to the wordcount. The first is called Peanuts, and it's about a bouncer and a stripper who go out walking together some days, and about their friendship that's trying… Continue reading February Writing Challenge