The Perfect World Tag

I was tagged a couple days ago by fellow blogger and friend Elizabeth from Musings from Neville's Navel. Thanks so much for tagging me! This is a cute little daydreamy, imagination tag so I thought it would be fun to do today. 1. I'd sleep... Without waking up to go pee at least twice a… Continue reading The Perfect World Tag


Mid Year Freak Out Tag

I first saw this tag on Kristin Kraves Books' blog. This tag is aptly named, because I'm definitely freaking out now that I've remembered its the middle of the year. So in order to distract myself from the fact that my life is flying away from me, I'm going to go ahead and just get… Continue reading Mid Year Freak Out Tag

The Anxiety Tag – What It’s Like For Me

I have a few tags that I'm going to be doing in the next week, but I wanted to do this one first because I'd never seen anything like it before and I really believe in being honest and open about mental health. So thank you to Nevillegirl for posting about it on your blog,… Continue reading The Anxiety Tag – What It’s Like For Me