February Wrap Up

Ugh I'm late on all my posts these days. 😦 Well better late then never right? Here's what I did last month. Reading Goals:  Reading this month was a constant game of catch up. What ever was I thinking at the beginning of the year? 200 books is a crazy huge amount. And even though… Continue reading February Wrap Up


What It All Means – IT’S PUBLISHED!

Yes! You read that right. 😀 Grant and I's first short story collection is now out and published!  After a year of editing (and a couple years of writing) we finally decided that What It All Means was ready to be out in the world.   There were so many ups and downs, good and bad responses… Continue reading What It All Means – IT’S PUBLISHED!

February Goals

Tomorrow starts the new month! I'm looking forward to doing new things, and these are my goals. Writing: I set myself an easy goal for this month. I simply want to write a 100 words each day. I have some flash fiction ideas that I'll jot down and probably share with you.  I'll be continuing to… Continue reading February Goals

Writing Updates

Last week I got an email back about my application to a literary and arts journal. I have been accepted as an intern! I'm so excited to be able to join the team even though I will just have a small job.  So far I've been able to edit an interview for them.  Anyway you… Continue reading Writing Updates

What It All Means: Cover Reveal

Hey guys! Another short post today. Anyone want to see the cover Grant and I have made for our collection of short stories?  Please say yes, because I'm proud of it and I'd love to show you. 😀 What It All Means Synopsis: Living and dying, love and hate, guilt, regret, honor, and destiny. In a… Continue reading What It All Means: Cover Reveal

Short Story: On the Wing & Slip

Abi's Note: I hope you all go check out the original post found here and let us know what you think about it! Also don't forget about my giveaway of two books, Blue Bloods and The Secrets of Blood and Bone I missed a week because of business/laziness, so here in this post I will be revealing not… Continue reading Short Story: On the Wing & Slip