April Wrap-Up

Happy May 1st everyone!  I hope everyone doesn't find these too boring. I like doing wrap-ups because it helps me to be sure of what I've done in the month. I also love reading other people's posts and being able to cheer them on.  If you do a wrap-up be sure to leave a link… Continue reading April Wrap-Up


Camp Nano Day 20

I validated my word count today! Let me tell you it felt really really good. This is actually the first time I've won Camp. And I've done it like...4 times before now? I can't actually remember how many. But yeah! First time winning Camp. Wohoo! My goal for Camp was to write 5k on a… Continue reading Camp Nano Day 20

March Wrap-Up

What a month it's been. Long and short at the same time. Up and down. It's been a month that's for sure. 🙂 It's been interesting. At the beginning I wrote a post about being goal-less for a month, and it seemed to go okay. Reading: I read 14 books this month! Hooray I feel very… Continue reading March Wrap-Up