Weekend Cooking – Sourdough Biscuits

Weekend Cooking is a blog meme hosted by Beth Fish Reads. Today I'm sharing my favorite recipe for sourdough biscuits. I found this recipe on pinterest, it actually calls for buttermilk as well as sourdough. I don't always have buttermilk on hand so sometimes I substitute just regular milk and it works just fine. I've… Continue reading Weekend Cooking – Sourdough Biscuits


A Baking Post

Here is a post on what I've been baking these days with my sourdough. First on Tuesday I made a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin bread. I ended up putting on too many raisins, oops. 😀 But the loaf turned out beautiful! Next today I made just a regular loaf of bread, I made grilled cheese… Continue reading A Baking Post

If You Like Tea and Are a Fangirl Then this Post is For You

In case you don't know I'm a big tea drinker.  Coffee has never really been my thing, though I do enjoy a very sweet cup now and again. I just prefer a good cup of tea over anything else. For me, tea, has always been the most delightful thing.  Boiling water, picking out a flavor… Continue reading If You Like Tea and Are a Fangirl Then this Post is For You