Published Works – Novels, Poetry & Short Stories


A Wordless Tune” Teen Ink Magazine 2013

Philippines” Teen Ink Magazine 2013

The Freedom of April: Published May 2015

What It All Means – The Red Collection : Published February 7th 2016

It Was – A Chapbook: Published March 26th 2016

XII – A Chapbook: Published April 2016

The Days Before My Poetry: Published July 2016

And So The Stairs Went Up: Published October 2016

Mother of Bread & Of Petrichor and Golden Stars: Published by Thistle Magazine in “Growth” March 19 2017

A Poem For Family: Published May 29 2017

The King, The Advisor & The Peasant: Published June 24th 2017

A Mad Woman’s Voice: Published August 10th 2017



3 thoughts on “Published Works – Novels, Poetry & Short Stories”

  1. Hi,

    I enjoyed reading the article “In Defense of Mr. Rochester.” I have written a poem which covers the same topic, and it appears in my recently released poetry collection, The Jane and Bertha in Me. All poems are based on Jane Eyre. The publisher is Aldrich Press, an imprint of Kelsay Books, an independent publisher.

    You will find a press release followed by an interview on my website, as well as some sample poems throughout. I recently wrote an article which appears on The Literary Ladies Guide to the Writing Life website. The article is titled “Brontë on the Brain: A Bicentennial and an Unsung Hero.”

    I hope you will consider reviewing The Jane and Bertha in Me on your site. The collection is a timely release, as April 21 will mark the bicentennial of Charlotte Brontë’s birth.I look forward to hearing from you.

    Rita Maria Martinez

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