What To Do When Monday Sucks


Somedays, especially Mondays, it can be hard to sit down and get to work. For me at least. Somedays I get so bogged down by feeling like what I’m doing is useless or no good that I don’t even know where to start. So in light of how shitty Monday’s can be I wanted to share five quick and easy ways that help me start my week right.

1. Journal: The first thing I usually do is get out my journal. I sit down and write down everything that comes to mind. How I’m feeling about life, what projects I want to finish, what’s bothering me. Just everything. A whole lot of ranting.  It helps to clear my mind of any excess feelings or ideas that are getting in my way.

2. Eat: For someone who loves food as much as me it’s amazing how often I forget to eat. Sometimes when I’m feeling off all I need to do is take a moment and eat something. Usually I just get out some leftover soup.

3. Talk to a friend: Friends are the best when it comes to talking out ideas. Usually this friend is my husband.  But the point is friends can give you ideas that you hadn’t thought of, or help get you started on an old project you’ve forgotten about.

4. Put on some upbeat music:  Whatever you’re in the mood for.  Be it soundtrack or or pop, a catchy beat can help get my fingers moving faster.

5. Read a book: Inspiration comes at it’s finest in books. I try to pick something related to the genre in which I’m currently writing and then read away. 🙂

It was helpful for me to write down some of my thoughts, so I hope that you are helped by my post too. Let me know what you do when you want to write but can’t! 



  1. first, I love the title of this blog post! Second, for me, getting up and moving can really help. even if it’s simple stretching, or just changing positions (from the kitchen table to the couch), if I’m stuck in one place too long I get drowsy!

  2. These are pretty fantastic tips! I hate mondays. Ughhhh. Usually it’s because the weekends are EXHAUSTING and then monday = me wanting to sleep but needing to be up and about working and stuff. Bleh. I like to have chocolate tea and a book, though. That makes everything better. :’)

    • Thanks! I hate mondays too. 😛 Weekends are usually pretty good for me, lots of rest, fun stuff to do and no deadlines. So coming off of that to normal life is terrible. 😀
      Chocolate tea? THAT SOUNDS AMAZING! And yes books do make things better. 🙂

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